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Nanda Devi Engineers (NDE) is a company that specialises in designing, developing, and producing plastic injection moulds, Bakelite & casting moulds, as well as other industrial tools for the automotive, plastics, electrical, and electronic industries. Nanda Devi Engineers Founded on April 14th, 2019, with a modest traditional tool room, we have expanded to a fully furnished facility with a modern tool room, cutting-edge equipment, inspection, and design capabilities. Our tool room is ideally placed in Noida’s industrial district and spans a 450 square-metre area. Repeat business and accolades have come our way as a result of our reliable performance and after-sales care . . .

In this consistently evolving society, the most remarkable and persevering through brands are worked from the heart. They are genuine and maintainable. Their establishments are more grounded in light of the fact that they are developed with the fortitude of the human soul, not a promotion crusade. The organizations that are enduring are those that are bona fide. At NDE, our vision and mission and a gathering of consumer loyalty, satisfying quality guidelines and add to the development of our economy. The normal inquiry that gets posed to in business is, ‘the reason?’ That is a decent inquiry, yet a similarly substantial inquiry is, ‘no difference either way. Change is unavoidable and consequently, we target working related to trend setting innovations that guarantee present day and complex machines for the assembling.
NDE’s essential goal is to accomplish absolute consumer loyalty through inventive methodology, severe quality principles, proficient assembling activities conveyed by the best talented labor supply and intellectual ability across India.
The drive of laying out a unit that main focuses on device planning and assembling itself guarantees the quality principles which can never stand split the difference.
The points and targets can never be achieved without the direction and backing of the people who make NDE as perhaps of the most solid producer. I make a move to thank those who assist us with accomplishing our central goal


The latest machines and their explicit knowledge by our engineers is what keeps us top-notch. Our ultramodern machine enable us to handle commercial job assignments smoothly.


Our quality process ensures that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customers. We understand there are a wide range of industry standards, which is why we design to meet or exceed standards as needed by our customers.


We are committed to deliver the best-in-class products and services that delight our customers. We believe in building long term relationship by offering after sales services to our clients.

We continuously develop production and open new markets & factories.


Our Team

Nanda Devi Engineers (NDE) is a company that specialises in designing, developing,
and producing plastic injection moulds


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